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Bulet Fullmin
Specification Fullmin coponent is PO4 80% and Mn, Cu, Zn 20% in disoluble form
Bulet Mag-Mak
Specification Magnesium salt compound release more Mg ion ,suitable for white s
Bulet Pling
Specification Pling is smallest nutrient for plankton ,speedy plankton growth ,
Bulet Biomineralization
Specification - Maintain Osmotic Balance in shrimp- Promote shrimp growth - Pro
Bulet Aquaos
Specification - Special biomineralization for Hatchery - Increase SR of Nauplii
Bulet Shrimp to go
Specification - Adjust water pH (Buffers) in larvae bag- Decrease mortality rat
Bulet Magnesium sulphate 99%
Specification Pure magnesium salt ,high Mg releasing ,Mg very important for liq
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